The CADRE Laboratory for New Media is the hub of Digital Media Art activity at San José State University where students, faculty, and visiting artists gather to explore the future of technology and art. CADRE (Computers in Art, Design, Research, and Education) faculty and students have participated in the evolution of art and technology for over 30 years. Internationally recognized faculty and award-winning visiting artists award BFA and MFA degrees in Digital Media Art.

The Digital Media Art (DMA) program at San José State University is a multidisciplinary BFA degree offering digital art and design curriculum in the areas of computer graphics, web development, programming, physical computing, 3D printing, fabrication, prototyping, interactivity and computer games. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the DMA program is dedicated to the advancement of contemporary technologies through research and experimentation at the intersection of art and science.

Program Strengths

  • Multidisciplinary digital media art curriculum at a world class public university located in the heart of Silicon Valley offering unparalleled career opportunities
  • Expert faculty committed to student engagement and academic excellence
  • Collaborative art and technology projects supported by faculty mentors and industry partners through innovation challenges, hackathons, and game jams
  • 21st century digital media lab facilities featuring industry-standard hardware and software with 24/7 access exclusively to DMA students
  • Active student clubs including the SJSU Game Development Club and the CADRE Student Organization


  • 05/22/2020 • Attend our SJSU DMA 2020 BFA Show, Pivot Point online starting May 22. Full Program Here